About me

Passionate. Creative. Thorough.


How it all started.

I can still remember the day my mom bought Adobe Photoshop. All it took was one YouTube tutorial and I was hooked.
Since then, I graduated in marketing with a minor in advertising. At Lucidpress, I've learned about brand templating. I love to keep brand consistency and communicate the voice of a brand through design.

My mission.

I'm passionate about brand management and design. There's nothing more satisfying than creating something that people actuallyvalue.  

I take personal ownership for my projects and consistently go above and beyond. I strive to improve my designs and take them to the next level.

What I bring to the table.

My skills come from a strong background in design beginning in Photoshop and Illustrator, which naturally lead to website, animation, social media, and instructional design. 

Because I have a background in both marketing and customer success, I know how to design with the customer in mind. 

If you ask my colleagues, they'll tell you I'm organized, strategic, and crazy fast. 

Lucidpress L.png

Now...some fun facts about me.

  • I'm from Castle Rock, Colorado (just outside of Denver).

  • My favorite soundtrack is Stranger Things. 

  • I love anything in the water. Swimming, boating, kayaking, surfing—you name it. 

  • I microwave my PB&Js. It's delicious, I promise.

  • My love language is GIFs. And food. Especially oreos.

  • I am fluent in Portuguese.

We're just getting started.